How Ebenezer Scrooge can still Teach us the Greatest Lesson around this Christmas.

Keith Greiveldinger
6 min readDec 22, 2021

Introducing my Kids to the Classic A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has re-taught me some of the greatest lessons on life. First, not all Christmas stories are of fun, joy, and wonder, some can teach us the greatest life lessons. Every day is a Gift, and watching this movie teaches me that more and more as if we woke up every day knowing what a blessing each day is wouldn’t we all live better lives together. We are in this together and fellow passengers together in this life, not against each other.

I can remember distinctly the moment my life changed and I had that Ebenezer Scrooge moment for me. It was after my first son was diagnosed with a Heart problem and had to undergo Open Heart surgery. It was at that moment just waking up to Child that was alive and breathing was a gift each and every day. I got the gift of eliminating worries about what most new Dad’s think about, not enough sleep, is my kid going to be a Superstar athlete, can I watch some football while he naps, Can I sneak out with my friends for a bit while the wife watches the kids? It simplified my life and I immediately went into gratitude mode by being thankful each and every moment my child was alive and healthy and that was my gift every day.

We’ve talked about having a positive mindset a lot so far. Your mindset is a direct reflection of the way you perceive what’s happening around you. For example, if you have a lot of fear around a virus turning deadly and letting it dramatically affect the way you live life, then that perception will dictate your mindset. However, if you perceive that things aren’t as bad as the media wants you to believe, then your mindset will be in a different place.

The bottom line is this:

If we can control our interpretation, we control our world.

The way we view things, the way we interpret our perspective is shaped by our interpretation. I did a Win It Minute video one time which was about my kids having candy this Christmas. My youngest daughter was four years old at the time, and her two older brothers were taking her candy. Of course, she was upset about this.

She struggled to open the wrapper on one of her candies, so I reached down and said, “Here…



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