Keith Greiveldinger
4 min readApr 26, 2020

Thanks for reading another Win It Minute! I hope wherever you are, you’re still having an awesome day and finding a way to win the day. We’ll I’ve got an awesome quote that’s going to help you through this that states “Every artist or professional was first and amateur.” What you get to realize is that, right now if you’re trying to teach your children, or you’re trying to learn a new skill or adapt to the wild and crazy times that we are in during our current quarantine, That at first, it takes training, it takes learning. I didn’t teach my children to be demanding, or impatient or, not wait their turn for food, or asking for this, or asking for that. But I have to remind myself that not everyone starts off as a professional. Whatever trade you are in, whatever craft you’re trying to do, you don’t start as an expert or professional.

Even watching Michael Jordan and the documentary out there on The Bulls in The Last Dance, it is amazing to see that Michael Jordan didn’t start off as this instant phenomenon as a young kid. No, he had to go through a lot of trials and obstacles and tribulations and he went through so many. His big brother was hard on him and very physically abusive to him. His dad was tough on him and didn’t show much love. His high school coach cut him. He had a terrible franchise that he inherited in the Chicago bulls. Bad owner, bad GM, got into the league and the Pistons were beating him up. He was constantly going through turmoil and obstacles along the way.

And he became one of the toughest and greatest basketball players, not despite of all the roadblocks and obstacles along the way, but BECAUSE of those roadblocks, obstacles from a young age on. He simply kept going. Those problems fueled him to overcome those obstacles. Those obstacles were Michael’d greatest gift and they allowed him to become the greatest basketball player on earth because of those obstacles, not despite them.

Sometimes you got to realize all those obstacles and things in front of you, are opportunity that you can learn from and use to grow. I have to reminde myself my children are not born perfect. That you have to train them and teach them and have them learn how to be more patient, how to ask please, how to wait…

Keith Greiveldinger

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