What’s up everybody It’s our Win It Minute for the day. Today I want to tell you about a lesson that I learned from watching The Lion King with my kids as we try to stay home and watch quality shows together. But first I want to jump into a quote that says “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. And this is a lesson that I learned actually watching The Lion King. When Timon and Pumba say, “Kid, you can’t change the past. Nothing you can do about it, but you can change the future.” That’s what we got to realize, that every single thing that you do affects your future self and there’s nothing that your past self can do to affect your future self, but you can make changes to your future self. And this is a great lesson that you have to realize every single day, that you can take lessons from the past, but you can’t change it.

You can change your future though. You’ve got to realize that you can change your future and your present self. And another great lesson that I actually learned that affects both of us in this situation is that you need friends in life to succeed, to survive and thrive. I mean Timon and Pumba’s lives were literally saved because they knew Simba. And you need friends to get a new job. Your friends will be the ones that help you out with that. Your friends can actually change your mood. When you’re around others who are uplifting and positive, or just being around family or friends, literally raises your mood and attitude. And that’s what you need people in your life to do that….Whether it is in person or just who you follow on Social Media or choose to watch on TV those people like it or not are your social Circle….so Choose Wisely.

And you can also change your life and change others by helping people in simple ways. And you’ll find that when you help others win or when their day, they in turn want to help you and see you succeed. They’re rooting for you then as well. It’s kind of like the circle of life. Come on, we can all sing it now. The circle of life. But the point is, is that when you help others, they want to help you. And when you make friends with other people or help others out, they help you out in more ways than one.

So that’s what you’ve got to realize to get out there, help others, and live that circle of life to win the day. #Wintheday #Winitminute

Highly Engaging and award-winning Inspiration Evangelist. Be inspired at Started “The Win it Minute” to inspire others.

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Keith Greiveldinger

Keith Greiveldinger

Highly Engaging and award-winning Inspiration Evangelist. Be inspired at Started “The Win it Minute” to inspire others.

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