Why Champions keep playing until they get it right….as Persistence is Key to Winning Your Day.

Keith Greiveldinger
2 min readAug 27, 2020

What’s up everybody, it’s our Win It Minute for the day. Wherever you are, no matter the obstacles in front of you, every day, you can make it an awesome day and win your day. The quote I want to jump into today says, “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” What this means is that Life and success go hand-in-hand when you’re persistent.

Persistence is key to overcoming any obstacle in front of you. You can’t focus on the frustrations of ending, but the opportunities in front of you. Those are the biggest things, new beginnings sometimes, we’re all going through a different, difficult time right now. And you have to look at it as new opportunities, new beginnings, not the frustration of old things ending. Not giving up on things we can control is persistence and that’s the key to life. But not giving up on things that we can’t control, that are out of our control is neurotic. That’ll drive you crazy, thinking what other people think of you, focusing on politics or news, some things that you can’t control that’ll drive you crazy.

You have to focus on the things you can control. All the changes around us are good things. You can focus on opportunities. For spring to begin winter must end. You have to look at changes as opportunities. What the caterpillar sees as the end, the butterfly see as the beginning. Life and business is all about success through perseverance.

I recently read this great article about Netflix. Netflix actually started as this business idea based around DVDs and websites and all these things and then they had to shift. It’s all about shifting for them. They just kept positioning to new things and adapting to things that came at them and that’s what made them successful. They’re one of the wealthiest businesses out there, and it wasn’t the business model they started off with. They just kept adapting to circumstances around them. Same thing with Jeff Bezos at Amazon, his initial business idea wasn’t what it is today. Amazon just kept on adapting and shifting to the different things that came in front of him and that’s what he did. Persistence to keep moving forward is the Absolute key for you to win the day. #Wintheday

Keith Greiveldinger

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