Keith Greiveldinger
3 min readAug 31, 2020

Wherever you are, I hope you make it an awesome day because no matter the obstacles in front of you, every day is an opportunity for you to win the day. A great quote I recently read that always fires me us is, “Where focus goes energy flows.” We’ve got to realize that nowadays, the people that can adapt and make sure that their focus is in the right place are the people that are going to succeed in any given endeavor, whether it’s your personal life, business, whatever it takes, it’s all about your focus and mindset.

Great example of this is the other day I was hiking in the woods with my family and my kids, and we were enjoying the hike and it started to rain. And then all of a sudden it became cold, it became unbearable. Me feet were soaking wet and cold, My clothes were cold. And then that fun hike had gone away. But then my four-year-old daughter asked, “Daddy, can you help me? I’m cold.” So I took her, put her under my jacket and popped her head through the top. Then my focus became making sure that she was safe and warm and dry. Not about me. I had a greater purpose.

I realized that then my focus turned to making sure that every step I took was the right step, that I didn’t slip and fall. My focus had changed and I forgot about me being cold. I forgot about my shoes being wet and soaked and uncomfortable. I forgot about all those things. And I focused on the fact that I was doing something for someone else, my daughter, I was protecting her and keeping her warm. And then I stayed warm. I forgot about all those other complaints that I had and inconvenience because I adapted and re-shifted my focus.

Another great example of this is at the same trip, we were trying to cross this river and my son jumped in and wanted to find this rock. I didn’t have a swimming suit on, nothing. I was like, “I can’t go in. I don’t have shoes to walk across the river. I don’t have my swimming suit on.” And then he jumped in and he inspired me. So I followed and I realized that too often, we wait for things to be perfect. We need everything to work out perfectly for us to adapt and for us to enjoy something where I didn’t need a swimming suit, I just wore my shorts that I was wearing. And yeah, they were wet, but I don’t care. They dried…

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